Born and raised in Kamloops, BC, Jeff has spent his entire life residing in the Thompson and Nicola Valleys. His free time is spent playing baseball, hunting, fishing, and hiking. He has taught elementary school for the past 47 years and during his entire career, he has entertained his students with stories from his youth, including their favourites about his childhood pet crow, Squawker.

Jeff presently lives in Merritt, BC with his wife of 47 years. Together they have two married children and four incredible grandchildren.

Jeff is currently working on several manuscripts, including the next adventure by Squawker.

Some other interesting facts on Jeff Bloom are:

  • Jeff's storytelling abilities are sought after as entertainment as well as teaching tools
  • Many of his current students are children of his former students
  • Jeff played professional baseball for the Montreal Expos!
  • Squawker isn't Jeff's first book! He also conceived, coordinated, compiled and edited A Taste of the Valley with Nicola Valley students, seniors, and as a geocaching anthology
  • Squawker was Jeff's pet crow as a child, and each of those stories is based on true events!
  • The most popular sport in the Nicola Valley school district, handball, was developed for the elementary level by Jeff
  • Jeff has also taught computer skills to seniors - A teacher for all ages!
  • Jeff worked as a national level judge, and head judge, at trampoline competitions
  • Jeff has developed presentations on writing just for children so they can learn to love creative writing
  • He served as President of Nicola Valley Association for Community Living since 2009. This organization provides programs of support for mentally challenged adults
  • Jeff has coached and mentored in many sports for over 40 years
  • Jeff is a geocaching and fly-fishing enthusiast and his love for the outdoors is palpable in his storytelling